Caffe Centro

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Caffe Centro is all about great coffee, delicious fresh food, and a relaxed atmosphere with the very best customer service around . Whether you’re looking for a perfectly roasted coffee, or a fruity pancake stack – we’ve got something to suit all tastes.

Our smiling staff will start you off with bright-and-early coffee and pastries to take on your morning commute or even if you just fancy a leisurely start to your day watching the world go by.  As the morning presses on, grab some brunch – smashed avo toast, sausage and bacon, fruit pancakes, we’ve got it all. Pair it with a smoothie or a hot beverage for the perfect combination.  If you’re a late riser then come and enjoy a delicious afternoon treat with one of our delicious, sweet treats and enjoy our range of flavoured teas.  Don’t forget we serve all our breakfasts and brunch items all day and no one is judging here….who says you can’t have pancakes at 4pm?

Caffe Centro is a growing brand, with a passionate focus on top quality coffee and casual dining and above all our number one aim is to focus on our customers and ensure every one of them leaves us impressed and keen to return.