Introducing our new FREE kids’ club…Barrel O’ Fun

After many years of giggles, smiles and laughter we said farewell to our beloved Snapper Jaxx kids’ club and hello to our brand-new kids’ club, Barrel O’ Fun! Check out our FREE kids’ club from 10am to 3pm on selected Tuesdays during school holidays. You can still expect interactive storytelling and engaging craft activities, but this year we have two new hosts and a barrel full of fun props. Our kids’ club will take on an overarching history theme for the year…WHEN ON EARTH? Take a look below for more details.

Collect a stamp on your loyalty card each time you attend and you’ll be rewarded with prizes! Children who attend three or more sessions will get a goodie bag full of treats, while those who attend 6 or more will be rewarded with a sun cap and frisby. And those who come to all 10 will get a £10 voucher to spend in any store they like in Coopers Square!


Victorious Vikings – Tuesday 13th August
Our real ancient Viking, Ivar the Boneless, will lead you on a historical journey to the time of excellent ship making and long boat burials. This along with the shock discovery that Vikings never actually wore helmets with horns will surely set the scene for a fascinating history session!

Amazing Victorians – Tuesday 20th August
It sometimes feels like the Victorians invented EVERYTHING! From the very first photograph to postage stamps and Christmas cards, we’ll take a look at some of the most famous inventions at our Barrel O’ Fun session. You’ll then have the chance to create and take home your own exciting invention, which could still be used 150 years from now!

Perfect Persians – Tuesday 27th August
For centuries the Islamic world lead the way in art, science and literature, so we’re travelling back in time to learn all about them! In this session you’ll create your own colourful geometric design, like those found all across the Persian region from hundreds of years ago.