Barrel O’ Fun Kids’ Club

After lots of giggles, smiles and laughter last year, Barrel O’ Fun is back for 2020! Check out our FREE kids’ club from 10am to 3pm on selected Tuesdays during school holidays. You can still expect interactive storytelling and engaging craft activities, but this year our kids’ club will take on an overarching career theme…WHEN I GROW UP. Take a look below for more details.

Out at Sea – Tuesday 7th April

There are lots of jobs people do out on the open sea! At this Barrel O’ Fun session, we’ll imagine being Marine Biologists, around the world Sailors, sustainable Fishermen and women and many more before hopping on board the craft area to make our own egg-box boats.


Doctor, Doctor! – Tuesday 14th April

Being a Doctor is about much more than plasters and medicine. Get ready to dress up in white lab coats and take a look at some amazing discoveries in the medical world. You’ll also get to imagine what medicine will look like in the future in this exploration of all things ‘health’. After, we’ll all get to piece together our own moving human skeleton puppet to take away!


Incredible Architects – Tuesday 26th May

From schools and hospitals, to theme parks and homes, the buildings of the future won’t build themselves! In a challenge against the clock, we’ll all work together using giant building blocks to create a futuristic building before the time runs out!


Intergalactic Explorers – Tuesday 21st July

Space tourism seems closer to reality than ever! Will YOU be hopping into space for your holidays when you grow up? In this fun, imaginative story session, we’ll be working together to decorate our own spaceship!


Super Scientists – Tuesday 28th July

Where would we be without Scientists? If you’re hoping to be a Physicist, Chemist or any future Scientist, you’ll love putting on your white lab coat and getting creative at our Barrel O’ Fun session! This week we’ll be making our own moving toy at our fun craft station.


Movie Makers – Tuesday 4th August

Everyone loves the movies, and our movie makers of the future will love using their brilliant imaginations to learn all about what is needed to make a blockbuster hit! This Barrel O’ Fun session will include fun role play and dressing up, before we settle down to decorate our own popcorn boxes for a FREE take home popcorn movie snack treat.


Master Chefs – Tuesday 11th August

What will food be like in the future, when our mini master Chefs are all grown up? The food technologies of the future might make food that tastes a bit different, so at this Barrel O’ Fun session we’ll trial some NASA space food and even edible insects if you dare! You’ll also get the chance to decorate your own Chef hat to take home and use in your kitchen!


Daring Designers – Tuesday 18th August

Come and join us at Barrel O’ Fun as we take part in a design challenge to make our own eco-friendly recycled fashion items for the summer! Using our box of found objects and upcycled materials, kids’ will design fashion garments fit for the future.


Code Crackers – Tuesday 25th August

You’ll love cracking the Barrel O’ Fun code in our fun finale of this year’s activities. We’ll learn all about the importance of using code and its role in future technologies. We’ll also each make our own code cracker, a problem-solving device used to decipher an encrypted message from the Barrel O’ Fun team!


Not only that, we also have a loyalty card to give out and will be rewarding families who attend three or more sessions with a FREE goodie bag full of treats!


Keep an eye out on our social media channels and website for more information about each Barrel O’ Fun event.