Join Coopers Square to celebrate Burton’s famous brewing history

Coopers Square, Touch FM and Marston’s Brewery will be joining forces to celebrate Burton-upon-Trent’s brewing history with a family-centred Octoberfest this autumn.


Over five days during the upcoming half-term – between Saturday 26 and Wednesday 30 October – a mini museum-in-a-tavern will be installed at the shopping centre and will contain information about the art of the cooper and the brewer, how beer was used and barrels were made as well as a range of information plaques detailing the town’s 1,000-year history of brewing.


Visitors can also look forward to meeting famous faces; including the founder of Burton Abbey himself, Wulfric Spot, and local famous brewer and politician, Michael Thomas Bass II between 11am and 4pm on Saturday and Sunday.


Together, they will be propping up the unique tavern to share a chapter from Burton’s world-famous brewing story. And what is a tavern without a pub quiz? The pair will be testing the community’s knowledge with an hourly test, with the winners taking home a number of fantastic retailer prizes.


Coopers Square’s resident landlady will also host a number of traditional bar games for visitors to get involved with. While Touch FM will hold its pub quiz on site on Monday 28 October, between 12pm and 2pm.


On the Tuesday, shoppers will have the opportunity to play some traditional pub games such as dominoes, cards and draughts, while British renowned Marston’s Brewery will conclude the festival by hosting tastings and demonstrations on Wednesday, from 11am until 3pm.


Off the back of its support during the six-week summer holidays, Coopers Square will be using the five-day event to support the YMCA’s Food Bankonce again and will be collecting dried and canned food through a food bank donation box, located next to the tavern.


Dave Chadfield, centre manager at Coopers Square, said: “We’re really exciting to be holding Octoberfest right here at the shopping centre later this month.


“Everyone associated with this great town will be aware of its rich and unique brewing history. We wanted to host something that was both educational and fun during the half-term and over five days there is going to be something for the whole local community to get involved with.


“The response towards this celebration has been pleasing too and I’m delighted we have been able to partner up with Touch FM, Marston’s Brewery and YMCA Food Bank to put on what will be a memorable experience.”