Goodbye Snapper Jaxx…Hello Barrel O’ Fun!

Coopers Square kids’ club is transforming for 2019

After years of laughter, fun and games, Coopers Square is waving goodbye to Snapper Jaxx and saying hello to Barrel O’ Fun – a brand new kids’ club for 2019 at the Burton upon Trent shopping centre.

Since launching four years ago, thousands of children from across the region have enjoyed days of free fun with Snapper Jaxx, getting up to all manner of wacky antics in the shopping centre, including bug hunts, crazy science experiments and even creating their own circus performances.

Coopers Square Centre Manager, David Chadfield said that he was excited to launch Barrel O’ Fun. “Snapper Jaxx has been a firm favourite with families from the area for years but we thought it was time for a change.

“We wanted to introduce an element where children can learn in an enjoyable way whilst taking part in a range of great activities that they’ve come to expect from kids’ clubs at Coopers Square. We’re really looking forward to seeing the reaction to Barrel O’ Fun when it launches in February. We’re sure that it is going to prove a real hit with everyone.”

The fun kicks off on Tuesday 19 February from 10am to 3pm, with a further nine fantastic days of free entertainment lined up for across the year during selected school holidays. Activities will feature the theme ‘When on Earth?’ offering unique, engaging and interactive takes on moments in time with storytelling sessions, crafts and more.

During each event, children of all ages will be able to travel back in time and explore different periods of world history, including walking with the Egyptians, sailing the seven seas with pirates and getting groovy with the ancient Greeks.

Rather appropriately given the weather, the first theme is ‘Ice Age’ and youngsters will be able to learn how to become cavemen and women and make cave paintings with their hand print.

“Throughout this year, we’ll also be running a tiered loyalty scheme as part of Barrel O’ Fun,” added David. “Children who attend three sessions and get their cards stamped will get a goodie bag, and for anyone who comes for six visits or 10 visits they’ll get silver and gold prizes respectively, but we’re keeping what they’ll win as a secret for now…”

Barrel O’ Fun will be launching at Coopers Square on Tuesday 19 February. Each kids’ club is free to attend and takes place from 10am to 3pm.